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Is there disconnect between your strategy and digital tactics?
Are you unsure how to go about measuring content marketing impact?
Are you wondering how you might better integrate across marketing platforms?
Is your internal IT team overwhelmed and missing deadlines?
Do you want to make sure you’re keeping up with the latest marketing trends and technology?

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Industry Solutions

Here's a sample of our problem-solving capabilities:


Technologies are always changing, so we are constantly learning and acquiring new skills. Here’s a list of some common technologies that we employ:

Azure Logic Apps
Angular JS
Apache Tomcat
C# Programming
Custom Modules
Entity Framework
Google Analytics
Microsoft Office Access
SharePoint Portal Server
SQL Server
Web services

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check with us anyway. We may need to update our list.

Advertising / Marketing

In the agency world, we act in supporting roles and assume full ownership of client projects.

PROBLEM: Agency needs technical leadership and expertise to support internal marketing efforts
SOLUTION: Collaborate with internal teams to implement sound marketing technology solution

PROBLEM: Agency needs packaged solution to meet client objectives
SOLUTION: Design, develop, deploy and support strategic technology solution to satisfy KPIs, boost ROI… etc


PROBLEM: At-risk automotive industry leader needs to quickly replace failing employee training system
SOLUTION: Integrate with internal teams to incorporate industry and brand knowledge into a customized training module to help mechanics with varying education become proficient, with performance tracking capabilities to ensure company success
Services: Project rescue, technical guidance, e-learning application design and development, reporting and analytics
Technologies: Cross platform playback e-learning engine supporting AICC, HTML, Javascript, Flash


PROBLEM: Customer has e-learning reports that are slow and offer little value
SOLUTION: Built top down responsive design solution with data roll ups tied to company hierarchy to quickly identify problem areas
Services: Data Management and Restructering for quick access in Custom Reporting
Technologies: SQL Server Data Services, Node.js with Express website

PROBLEM: Fast casual restaurant focused on brand management wants to ensure uniform menu throughout franchise
SOLUTION: Interactive drag-and-drop menu building game with positive and negative reinforcements to use for internal training
Services: Application design and development
Technologies: Cross platform playback e-learning engine supporting AICC, HTML, Javascript, Flash

PROBLEM: Fast food restaurant chain wants to improve employee training process and initial point-of-sale performance
SOLUTION: Comprehensive point-of-sale simulation engine with multiple customer personas and real-time, start-to-finish task tracker to help ensure employee readiness for customer interaction
Services: Application design and development
Technologies: Cross platform playback e-learning engine supporting AICC, HTML, Javascript, Flash


PROBLEM: Niche healthcare company seeks new way to educate patients on starting treatment
SOLUTION: Targeted disease-state microsite with automated email nurture program
Services: Technical strategy, development and project management through complete MLR review cycle, backend database architecture and database management
Technologies: .NET MVC, SQL Server, Web services, Exact Target APIs, Custom Analytics, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS

PROBLEM: Healthcare client wants to increase HCP awareness and patient access to diagnostic services
SOLUTION: Online platform supports HCP registration, login and profile maintenance, as well as diagnostic certificate download/tracking
Services: Technical strategy and development, project management through complete MLR review cycle, backend database architecture and database management
Technologies: .NET MVC, SQL Server, Web services, Exact Target APIs, Custom Analytics

PROBLEM: Pharmaceutical client needs analytics tool to provide pre-clinical safety scientists a simplified way to visualize complex data forms and to help inform R&D decisions and practices
SOLUTION: Semantically enhanced, question-based app development with concept map visualizations and resource suggestions based on ontology from public and proprietary sources, including PNL Reports, to identify and collate specific drug compound results in study reports
Services: Application design and development
Technologies: HTML, SVG, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS


PROBLEM: Life insurance brand wants to increase relevancy and sales to middle-income customers
SOLUTION: Customized distributor digital toolkit with simplified and relatable, interactive video guide to generate qualified leads via an automated email nurture campaign
Services: Creative design and web development, video production, Exact Target integration, project management
Technologies: .NET, MySQL, SQL Server, Web services, Exact Target APIs, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS

PROBLEM: Overseas insurance group and derivatives trading company needs streamlined solution for multiple inventory systems (accounting, trading, compliance, pricing, invoicing and contracts) and automated information submission for Dodd Frank Compliance
SOLUTION: B2B inventory system integration with automated compliance
Services: Technical consulting/strategy, application design and development
Technologies: .NET MVC, Web services, SQL Server, Kendo Components, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, Google Analytics, Google Maps


PROBLEM: National leadership group wants to grow its reach and bring its mentorship program online
SOLUTION: Custom module architecture, design and development incorporating web, email and social media components to provide experiential mentorship and learning opportunity for target segments at various stages of the awareness/conversion/engagement funnel; intuitive design easy for users of all skill levels to bookmark and categorize assignments, add reminders and coordinate social events; database integration to offer simple solution for registration and membership billing
Services: Technical consulting, project management, technical web design & development, social media integration, email management and development, database integration
Technologies: Drupal, Custom Modules, PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML5


PROBLEM: Sports industry professionals looking to implement cutting-edge technology to optimize coaching capabilities and overall team performance
SOLUTION: This was a rapid 3-month turnaround and response to recent rule change to allow iPads on high school football fields to give coaches a competitive edge: an interactive, instant-replay mobile app with multi-angle capture and zoom, multi-channel viewing, drawing and tagging capabilities, and frame-by-frame scrub
Services: App design and development, video compression and optimization, responsive web design and development, blog and social media design and development, email management and development, SEO, analytics, e-commerce, project management
Technologies: Drupal, Custom Modules, iOS, Google Analytics, SEO, cloud networking, Social Media Marketing, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML5, Facebook


PROBLEM: Subsidiary of international hospitality leader has disjointed sites and databases; sites do not adhere to corporate standards
SOLUTION: Website redesign and corporate alignment to enable simplified travel bookings; microsite design and development to engage target segments; database integration to minimize overlap and to allow for simplified custom reporting
Services: Technical strategy, project rescue, project management, web development, email management and development, backend database architecture
Technologies: .NET, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server, Exact Target APIs


PROBLEM: Multinational telecommunication company wants innovative way to attract customers to sign up for regional services
SOLUTION: Custom microsite and email campaign, with regional landing pages and emails with personalized content and promotion codes based on backend database demographics and behaviors
Services: Technical strategy/consulting, project management, software architecture, app development, augmented email build, custom analytics and tracking, backend database architecture
Technologies: .NET MVC, SQL Server Backend, Exact Target APIs , Google Analytics